A thoughtfully designed and maintained landscape has the ability to enhance the quality of life for the homeowner as well as the neighborhood. A quality landscape adds to the value of a home, and when a neighborhood pulls together, with everyone improving their landscape and incorporating more trees, the value of the entire neighborhood increases.

But we believe there’s more to the landscape than curb appeal and added home value.

At Wimberg Landscaping we believe in gardening for the greater good: for our personal enrichment as well as the preservation and support of nature.

Gardening for a greater good starts with us and education: taking the time to share how the simple choices we make can have a positive impact on nature.


We believe that all properties should have a selection of plants that encourage pollinators.

Incorporating native plants promotes a well balanced landscape that invites native insects and wildlife to reside.


We believe that landscapes are always evolving and that this is desirable. Plants may migrate within a landscape, some may flourish and others may not. When we allow it, nature tells us which are the best plants for bringing your landscape to life.


We believe that pruning should be performed to improve shape, encourage flowering and promote longevity. This is best achieved with hand pruning and not shearing.

We believe in using natural mulches such as pine straw, pine nuggets, mini-nuggets, leaf compost, etc. These materials improve soil health over time and are better suited for the plants’ health and longevity.


We believe that is is always better to have more plants than mulch.

We believe that your garden should be interesting, have a strong foundation with dynamic elements that carry it throughout the seasons, and feature plants that thrive in the unique environment that is your landscape.