Pollinator and Native Gardens

Planting with Nature and Pollinators

We take a balanced approach to planting with nature and pollinators. Our goal is to inspire every homeowner to incorporate plants that benefit our native insects, birds, and pollinators into their landscape. Be it an entire landscape renovation or the addition of new plants to an existing garden, every landscape has the potential to support nature.

We believe that to inspire others, we must lead by example. The gardens at our office beautifully demonstrate how we can preserve long-loved, stalwart plants while introducing a wide variety of easy-to-grow, beneficial, native plants. By putting aside an all-or-nothing approach to garden design, we create an environment where everyone is encouraged to plant with nature in mind. Our office gardens bring our garden design theory to life.  The display gardens are constantly abuzz with bees on the Russian sage and Nepeta both non-native, hardworking plants, as well as our native plants such as Mountain mint, Asclepias tuberosa, and Echinacea.

With balance comes opportunities. Opportunities to:

  • rely less on supplemental watering
  • forgo over-mulching with shredded mulch
  • sever our reliance on fertilizing and artificially feeding plants to produce a lush garden
  • spend less time weeding and more time enjoying the garden
  • embrace the lawn, giving kids a place to play, while creating garden spaces that invite nature
  • reduce and/or eliminate our use of chemicals to manage the health of the garden

What is planting with nature?

Planting with nature is following nature’s lead. We assess the soil, the sun allotment, and the natural water retention of the site. Then, we carefully select plants that will thrive in the space: looking for plants that will re-seed and migrate to create a lush planting without overwhelming the homeowner. We incorporate native and cultivated plants that will thrive in the space with little attention from us. We learn to let go, to let nature dictate how the garden will evolve over time. This does not mean hands off, mind you. When we garden with nature, we assist by ensuring pioneer plants and weeds don’t overtake the new garden, we provide some supplemental water as the garden establishes itself, and we wait until the spring to cut back the garden and dress with fresh pine straw. We assist the garden as it matures and evolves, we don’t dictate the garden.

If you would like to learn more about our balanced approach to garden design, we invite you to follow our blog, to subscribe to our Pollinator Newsletter, to tour our gardens (open to the public dawn to dusk), and of course, schedule a time to meet with one of our landscape professionals.