The Front Yard Pollinator Movement

Welcome to the front yard pollinator movement where the lawn is turned over to flowering plants, where blooms color the landscape from early spring to the first hard frost, where gardens stand through winter, and where we add a wonderful mix of native and cultivated plants.

Not too long ago we asked homeowners to take the 50-50 challenge. What if, we proposed, you replaced half of your yard with a new or expanded garden? Then what if half of your new plants were native plants? The response has been beautiful!

Why the Front Yard?

If all we see when we go about our day is the expected boxwoods, Taxus, and Liriope, then it’s likely that’s what we will plant when we design a new landscape. We plant what we see.

We decided it’s time we change what we see in the front landscape.

By expanding our plant palette- moving beyond expected, traditional front landscape plants- and using more flowering plants we create environments more conducive to pollinators: birds, butterflies, and bees.  There’s a great deal of design flexibility when we plant with pollinators. In fact, I would say the design possibilities are immense, as we are moving beyond a lawn and a tiny garden relegated to a three-foot wide strip running the length of the house. When we plant with nature, the gardens are more generously sized, and the plant offering is vast. The front pollinator garden can have a strong nod to natural plant arrangement where plants intermingle and reseed at will, or it can be more refined, orderly, and tidy, while still offering the same benefits for nature.

Welcome to Your Yard!

Chances are, if your front landscape is the expected planting, the need, the desire to get out and explore and see what’s new never occurs. Why would it? Our landscapes shouldn’t be still life paintings, never changing from season to season. Our landscapes should be evolving, blooming, swaying in the breeze, and dusted with a light snow in the winter. Our landscapes should be continuously whispering to us to come out and see what’s new.


The following is a list, with a photo, of the plants we are using in front yard pollinator gardens, such as the one that brought you to this site.