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A Finer Path

The Wimberg Focal Garden has received a slight makeover: the sod has been replaced by brassfield fines set within a heavy-gauge metal edger. Gone is the ratty lawn that was often too tall and prone to crabgrass and thistle. In its place is a clean, tidy walk that brings to mind English gardens.   

With the addition of the new garden paths, we were able to re-define bedlines that had become a bit askew after years of mowers, power edgers and hand trimming. As a bonus, we have more room for plants, too.

“There’s a subtle formal feel to this wild garden,” shares Peter Wimberg. “While the plants are intermingled and quite thick, there’s a nod to formality with the four separate beds circling a center bed punctuated by the ornamental urn.”

The new stone path’s natural color coupled with the curve of the garden beds, will add visual interest in the winter. The materiel fits snuggly together, while remaining water permeable. Unlike pea gravel that shifts and can be easily dislodged and kicked about, the brassfield fines are more apt to remain in place: preserving the orderly appearance of the garden paths. 

“The new stone garden paths set off the plants nicely, creating a clear visual difference between the gardens and the walk,” explains Peter. “With the old sod path, the lawn and the beds sometimes blurred and we lost the architectural structure created by the curved bedlines.”

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