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A Great Lawn is More Than Grass

ould say all lawns are bad. I’m not one to subscribe to ‘always’ or ‘never’ declarations. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle. This also holds true for the lawn.

A lawn does a wonderful job of setting off a home and its gardens. In simplest terms, the lawn is the foreground, the gardens middle ground and your home, the background. It’s the perfect design scenario. A curved lawn-garden bed line is attractive in its own right. (see image above) The contrast of the low green cover next to the varieties of textures and colors of the garden is a wonderful contrast. Plus, where else do you kick a ball around? The busiest place in the park is often the lawn. A place to stretch out, read, nap maybe even do yoga. 

But what if the kids are away, and your pets don’t need a front lawn for their use. Do you need a lanw? No wrong or right answer. If you like a clean cut lawn, and you find the care verse enjoyment ratio is in balance, stick with it. If you want the same look, but want to opt for a slightly different approach, our designers can incorporate one or several ground covers to replace the lawn.

About as Low Maintenance as You Can Get
“When clients ask for a low or no maintenance yard, I have to say, a lawn,” shares Peter Wimberg. “While we don’t want the lawn to abut the home, that would be very unattractive, we can designate a large portion of the property to a lawn if the conditions are right.”

The trick is growing the lawn a bit tall to keep the roots cool, block out weeds and reduce the amount of watering required. Some feeding keeps the lawn strong and healthy. 

If you love your lawn, but not the mowing, call us. We can help with the maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying.

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