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A Landscape Relationship

Do you have a relationship with your landscape? You should! Just as the interior of your home is a reflection of you and your style, so should be the landscape. In your home you likely have favorite spaces, your chair, art that has meaning to you, and colors and patterns you love. Why isn’t it the same for your landscape? The landscape is a space to create something that is uniquely you. Art lovers find ways to display collected pieces, book lovers have a cozy chair tucked in a quiet corner, photographers have stands of flowers to draw in the birds and butterflies, and entertainers have generous patios with a fabulous grills and outdoor fireplaces.

One hint that your landscape isn’t personal to you is that you seldom have the desire to see what’s new. Gardeners check to see what’s blooming each day. Soon you’ll see them bent over, looking for the first signs of spring life. Even if you are not a gardener, your landscape should be inviting to the point that you enjoy walking about the paths, sitting on the patio enjoying the view, or observing a garden vignette from the window. Your landscape should inspire you to want to look at it, enjoy it, and spend time with it. 

Just like interior design, where we all have the same elements to work with: tables, chairs, sofas, and paint to design a room, the same holds true with the landscape. We have the same plants, but it’s how we arrange the plants, which colors we select, and how we incorporate texture as well as how we create flow through the landscape that makes it unique.  

Take a moment to picture your landscape. Can you remember something unique, something that you look forward to seeing in bloom come spring, or do you draw a blank? Maybe it’s time to inject some of your personality into your landscape. 

We can help you add a personal touch to your landscape. Call us, and one of our landscape professionals will be happy to met with you.

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