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An Attractive Solution for the Forgotten Side Yard

Most homeowners have it, the forgotten side yard that’s seldom used or viewed. One side of the house provides for a nice garden walk, playing area or perhaps a driveway. The other side of the house is dedicated to utilities, such as air conditioning units. When that house is in Cincinnati, chances are you also have a slope. We can’t ignore this part of the yard, it’s part of the property and viewed by neighbors. Here’s a beautiful solution.

The slope here is such that mowing is tedious. The homeowner seldom sees and would never spend time in this area of the property, but we didn’t want it to look like the forgotten zone. We strove to provide the owner with a simple design that would effortlessly blend in with the home’s style and existing landscape.

The solution, a few short walls to prevent erosion and small shrubs that will not require a lot of time and attention that also work to stabilize the ground. To give the space a finished look, and eliminate the need for a ground cover or lawn, crushed gravel was installed.

We now have a tidy, attractive space that does not deter from the look and feel of the home and its landscape. 

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