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Are Early Blooms a Cause for Concern?

Warm temperatures have ushered in an early spring. A short lived early spring perhaps, but a springish season nonetheless. It’s a treat to get a jump start on some not so exciting gardening chores: like removing the excess Lamb’s ears. And I did get to plant several ‘Millenium’ Allium, too. But the warm weather can also cause a bit of upset in the gardens. A quick stroll about the park found Witch hazel in bloom and Hellebores ‘this’ close to blooming.

Witch hazels are typically early bloomers. I have seen them blooming now as well as a month from now. Should the flowers emerge early in the year, they do have the ability to curl up as a way to protect themselves from the cold.

As for the Hellebore they are designed for this weather. A blanket of snow, even some ice will not trouble these. 

I have noticed some of the daffodil flowers emerging, too. Luckily, it’s only a bit of the foliage and not the flower buds. This is not uncommon in our area and the early emergence of the foliage causes concern, especially among those new to gardening. The worst that will happen is the tip of the foliage will get a little brown.

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