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Balancing Function with Nature

Our landscapes are evolving from entire streets of cookie-cutter yards dotted with a few shrubs and a tree to personalized landscapes with generous planting beds and multiple trees and shrubs. What was once strictly utilitarian has evolved into so much more.

“We want our landscapes to offer us a place to entertain, dine, cook, and play. And with the ever growing interest in natural gardens, we are creating all of this function within a park-like setting,” shares landscape designer Kevin McQuade.

Today, clients are asking for ways to incorporate water into the landscape, not necessarily a large pond, but something beyond the bird bath. Water in motion is extremely soothing and attracts birds, a design element more clients are interested in. Blending function with nature is easier than one may imagine. For instance, there’s no rule that all hardscape sitting areas have to be adjacent to the home. A patio for dining  and cooking is far more convenient near the home with quick access to the kitchen, but a secondary sitting area can be in the back of the yard, accessed by a path, or even a raised wood platform that meanders through the yard. 

“When we look beyond the traditional design practices, we see ways in which our yards can embrace nature while incorporating design features that allow us to be in nature not just looking at it. It’s one thing to look at a garden while standing in the lawn and another to walk through the garden, along a path that takes us to a destination like a small sitting area, ornamental water feature or a secreted, solitary chair for much sought after alone time,” describes Kevin.

Our Wimberg Landscaping designers will introduce you to ways to balance function with nature. Our designers expertly bring both objectives together to create a landscape that meets your practical needs while creating a sanctuary that embraces nature.

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