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Snow accumulation on your trees and shrubs may not be an issue. It all depends on the type of snow that’s blanketing the branches. It’s difficult to resist the urge to take a whack at a snow covered branch and watch it spring up after the weight has been lifted and see the snow fly, but this may do your valuable plants harm.

If it’s a light, fluffy snow, relax, sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all. This is Cincinnati after all, and in a day or two the snow will most likely be melted. If we are hit with a wet, heavy snow, that’s pulling branches down, use care when removing the snow. Gently push the limbs up, using a broom works well, to displace the snow. Brushing the snow off in a downward motion may only further stress the limbs and cause them to break.

If it’s ice, let it be. You are likely to snap or rip branches off as you try to dislodge the ice.

As for snow on the garden- great! Snow is a wonderful insulator and will protect the soil and plants’ crowns from cold air and ice.

So, how do you like shoveling snow? Ridiculous question, I know! We offer snow removal services. So stay in and stay warm and safe and let us clear your drives and paths this winter season. Call 271.2332

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