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Get a jump on spring with a pinefine amendments and pine straw mulching. “There is a bit of a science to mulching,” explains Pete Wimberg. “We don’t want to smother the garden and trap in the extra water it receives in the the winter, but we do want to amend the soil, take measures to suppress weed germination and protect exposed soil and plants from winter winds and the cold.”

The solution- pinefine amendments to enrich the soil topped with pine straw.

The amendments will enrich the soil, naturally, while the pine straw prevents rains and melting snow (should we have snow this year) from washing away the top layer of organic-rich soil. The pines straw locks into place so it doesn’t wash away, and is light enough to allow for air and water circulation. Come spring, unlike hardwood mulch which can form an impermeable barrier to the spring’s warmer temperatures, pine straw allows the soil to dry out and warm up while still suppressing weed germination.

“In landscapes such as mine, the plants easily grow through the pine straw in the spring. I plant thick, so there is no need to replenish the mulch come spring,” Pete shares.

Now is the perfect time for our teams to set a layer of pinefine amendments and pine straw in your gardens. Schedule today, before snow blankets the gardens.

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