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Eradicating Honeysuckle and Wrangling English Ivy

It’s a wonder we still have honeysuckle in our landscapes. With so many beautiful and beneficial options to choose from, there’s really no need to keep such a destructive, unattractive plant in the garden. 
Even if your honeysuckle stand is in the back of the property, we can enhance the view by removing the invasive shrub and replacing it with evergreens interspersed with flowering understory trees for year-round interest. 

As fo English Ivy, it’s ambitious, in fact, down right aggressive. In some applications it’s ideal. When we run into issues when it’s left to climb into shrubs, trees and worse yet, on our homes. Winter is a good time to clean up the English Ivy. It’s easier to see it in the base of shrubs, we are less apt to disturb a garden plant (many are in winter rest) and it’s always a good feeling to have vines and plants pulled away from and off of the home. 

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