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Fall Trees and Shrubs

By now you know the approaching fall season is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. But how do you know if your landscape needs more trees and shrubs? Here are three signs …

  1. All summer you desperately craved shade. Gardening in the shade is quite enjoyable, even during our hot, summer days. You will feel better, and if the shade tree is close enough to the house, you may save a bit on energy bills, too.
  2. The garden feels scattered. You can have all your perennials and annuals presented perfectly, but sometimes a garden simply needs visual weight. The new shrub or tree doesn’t have to be massive. It should be in proportion to the garden space, while adding structure to the garden.
  3. Speaking of structure: if your winter garden offers little more than expanses of mulch, you need some shrubs! Shrubs offer the garden bright berries in the fall, great foliage, interesting bark as well as structure.

If you are not sure if your landscape is in need of new trees and shrubs, or you are at a loss as to which ones to select, call us. Our design professionals will evaluate your landscape and guide you to the best solutions. We can handle the installations, too.

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