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Five Garden Resolutions for 2019

Eat fewer cookies, drink more water and log more miles on the walking track. We have our traditional New Year’s Resolutions, but what about garden resolutions? Here are five garden resolutions you should make this year!

  • Try something new in the garden. This is the year to experiment and push your garden knowledge. Try some new plants, and we don’t mean a different variety of coneflower. We mean go all out. If you’re a succulent gardener, try planting a butterfly garden. If you enjoy dry, sun gardening, add a small pond with plants.
  • Build Structure. You’ve had all winter to study your garden and you know where it needs structure or garden bones. Dry stacked walls, arbors, benches, a massive stone urn or a dry creek bed: all these elements contribute to the strength of the garden’s design from the peak of summer to the darkest days of winter.
  • Mulch Reduction. Reduce your visible mulch by half. If this isn’t a good reason to buy more plants I don’t know what is. We say it often, your garden should be a collection of plants, not a mulch display. You’ll have more fun investing in plants, they give us more beauty to enjoy and over time you may find you need very little, if any, mulch.
  • Add Lighting. Professional lighting can highlight a particularly attractive tree, light a stone walk, show your house number and of course make a home more warm and inviting in the the winter and on stormy summer nights.
  • Consult with a Professional. Even if you’re an avid gardener, consulting with another who shares your passion can only be beneficial. Discuss best plant care practices, see your garden’s design from a professional’s point of view (she may have some fine ideas for your landscape) and learn if some of the more labor intensive chores you tackle could be turned over to a professional. Hint: They can!

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