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Four Hardscape Upgrades

Your old hardscape may need an upgrade. We can create a modern hardscape design or embrace the historic nature of your home and design something in keeping with the home’s architecture. 

1) Safety first. Wobbly, broken, ill-fitting steppers or walks are not only unattractive, but they are a hazard. Preserving the original walls or walks of an older home takes second chair to safety. A new, safe hardscape that enhances the home’s architectural features can be created. 

2) Walls are leaning, cracked, or tumbling. Some older stone walls were not constructed to last for generations. Many times, when removing an older wall, we find the construction is not to code or designed to withstand the test of time. We can replicate the design of your original wall and construct it in a way to ensure a long, beautiful life.

3) Outdated outdoor spaces. Are you still making do with the builder’s small cement slab for your outdoor space? The back of the house should be as inviting as the front: it is where we spend most of our time. An extended patio, perhaps with a fireplace and kitchen, turns an unimaginative backyard living space into something functional and attractive that adds value to the home. 
4) Extended gardens call for updated or new walks. If your landscape’s gardens have been expanded, new walks may be in order. Comfortably stroll through your gardens or have easier access when tending to them with a crushed stone or a hardscape path. We find a well-designed path is attractive in the winter: lending movement and new texture and color to the landscape. 

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