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Giving Joy

It’s easy to get swept up in the uncertainty and worry related to the Coronavirus. Many plans we had- vacations, celebrations, perhaps even starting a new job- have been put on hold. Plus we need to be vigilant about protecting our health and the health of our neighbors. Everything feels very strange and unfamiliar. But it’s not all bad.

Case in point. Wimberg and West Hills Greenhouse had arranged for a large donation of tulips for an event that was, for obvious reasons, cancelled. When that door closed another opened, actually two doors opened. We were able to find new homes for the 100 pots of yellow tulips with two Cincinnati assisted living facilities.

The residents, who cannot accept visitors and may not be able to leave their facilities for several weeks will, we hope, find a little joy and beauty in the yellow tulips.  

It was a simple gesture, one that was done with ease. If we all think of how we can make it easier, brighter, happier for others during this unique time, imagine how much joy can be shared within our communities.

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