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Hardscape Basics

Hardscapes are a part of every landscape, even if it’s only the walk to the front door. Extensive or minimal, your hardscape should contribute, not detract, from your landscape’s overall appeal.

Safe Footing
Wobbly stones and pavers, cracked and crumbling walks or flaking material should be addressed immediately. It’s not only unsightly, it’s a safety hazard.

Room to Move
Narrow walks with tight turns can make a garden feel confined and uninviting. Ask a design professional to evaluate your walk for comfort in walking and ease in maneuvering turns and doorways.

Material Choice
The hardscape material should be in keeping with your landscape. If you’ve redesigned your cottage style garden into a contemporary design, those natural stones with rough edges may look out of place. There’s a hardscape material for every garden style. A designer can help you select the ideal hardscape materials for your landscape’s design.

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