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Ice and Snow Storms in the Garden

Ice and snow are coming and they can have a big impact on your landscape. Here are a few things you need to know.

1)  Do not try to break, shake or melt with warm water, ice that has built up on trees and shrubs.  Jostling frozen branches can do more harm when the branch breaks and rips from its parent branch, causing additional bark and tissue damage.

2) Same holds true for snow.  That wet snow can cause damage to trees and shrubs. Knocking it off by pushing down on branches will further stress already taxed limbs and may cause them to break.  If it’s just snow, you can gently push up on the branches to carefully knock off the snow.  

**NOTE  Today’s predicted storm is one of ice and snow. When the storm has passed you may see snow on your plants, and not see the ice resting below.  In this case you don’t want to shake or move frozen branches. 

Salting:  You have to be able to move safely, but use care when spreading salt. Too much salt will harm if not kill many plants and the lawn.

After the Storm

Branches that are broken or damaged and too close to utilities, the home or hanging over walks should be removed. Depending in the location of the branch in question you can remove the branch, we can assist, or a tree trimming service will need to be called. 

Do not try to cut broken and damaged branches near power lines.

Medicinal Pruning: Many shrubs, even if they are heavily damaged by this snow-ice event will survive. If they suffer a lot of damage, they can be cut back and allowed to rejuvenate. Worse case is you may lose blooms this season, but your plant will recover.

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