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Improving the Ault Park Trail System

For the second year, Wimberg Landscaping is donating its time and talents to Ault Park and the restoration of its trail system. Last year we installed an impressive staircase to make an often muddy and somewhat hazardous hillside trail accessible. This year we are addressing some bridges that begged for improvements as well as the construction of a few new bridges. 

ABOVE: Some of the new stairs built by Wimberg Landscaping last winter.

“The biggest threat to a safe trail system is people walking off trail to avoid overly saturated soil, puddles and obstacles, such as fallen trees. When we ‘break trail’ we widen the trail, destroy the neighboring vegetation and any previous efforts made to direct water flow. As a volunteer, I spend a bit of time on the trails working on water bars to redirect water, benching trails for better footing as well as creating obstacles to direct hikers to remain on the tail. But building new bridges, that called for reinforcements,” shared Wimberg President, Peter Wimberg.

We work closely with the parks department to identify areas within the trail system that need immediate attention and then securing materials for the projects. The winter work is welcomed by employees and it gives our firm the opportunity to give back to the community. 

“The best way we support a community is by growing our clientele so we can employ more people,” explains Peter Wimberg. “But there’s more. We are part of a larger community, as are all the other shops, businesses and residents. When we all give back, even a small amount, it benefits us all. I have a passion for exercise, being outdoors and maintaining the integrity of my neighborhood park: Ault Park. It’s an obvious fit for us to offer our time improving the trail system.” 

Above: Small bridges/boardwalks save hikers from walking through wet areas, making hiking more enjoyable while preserving the integrity of the woods.

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