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Notes From the Gardens: We Do This For You

I am finding that my plant selection for our new Pollinator Garden is based greatly on you, our clients. You could say this new garden is purely an unselfish endeavor.  We could, but we all know the truth. We adore creating new gardens, especially ones that don’t look like every other garden in town. 

This new garden also has a very practical side: it’s my test garden. For example, we have incorporated many different varieties of plant plugs. Next season we can report how the plugs adapted to the garden, their winter resilience and how they preformed their second year in the garden. This information will be valuable to our clients who are considering adding expansive gardens to their landscapes. 

I am also adding a variety of plants. So far we have at least seven different grasses. We want to see how they performed in various areas of the garden, how they interact with other plants and if they carry a nice wow factor.

This is not a manicured garden. This year has been record breaking for Wimberg. Our clients come first and while we may plan to have a hand in the garden, we need to send our crews to properties around the city. The garden does not get day-long tending to as you may imagine. What does this mean for you? We can see how a landscape, such as the one we are creating, preforms and appears with a more realistic maintenance schedule.  In short, it’s an honest garden. 

~ Jennifer Smith

Pictured above is Solidago fireworks just beginning to bloom. The garden has a few bands of this plant for dramatic fall color.

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