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Tim Grubbs – Operations Manager

Tim Grubbs
Tim is a member of our team that walks the line between behind the scenes and in the field hands-on work. If you are an installation client, chances are you will see him touching base with our crew, reviewing design plans and fielding questions. But much of what he does is not witnessed by our clients and this is why we would like for you to know a bit more about the man who takes our designers’ masterful plans and makes them a reality. It’s no small task, but Tim’s 10 plus years of experience in landscaping makes him the ideal person to direct our installation teams.

What attracted you to working at Wimberg Landscaping?
Wimberg is a long standing business with a great reputation both in the community as well as in the industry. This made Wimberg a great choice for me.

As the Wimberg Operations Manager you need a solid understanding of everything from plants and plant installation to how to build decks and hardscapes and everything in between. To the average person, this seems overwhelming.
There are a lot of variables in a job, that is for certain. We build everything from straightforward garden beds to tiered gardens with stone walls and terraces and pool-side decks. Plus we handle lighting and irrigation. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to build just about everything in the landscape including fireplaces and water features. I use this experience to direct the crews on our projects.

Efficiency is very important from a business standpoint, but also to our clients. Once a client sees Julia’s or Natalie’s plan, they want that new landscape now. We need to be efficient and smart about how we work without jeopardizing quality of work. How do you achieve that?
The first thing a client needs to know is our teams are very qualified. Each install team has a strong leader with a lot of knowledge, and his or her teammate has exhibited quality technical skills and the ability to learn quickly. That alone makes our jobs very efficient. For my part, I secure the efficiency of the teams by organizing the install calendar, making sure the teams have the tools needed for every project, ensuring their materials are here and ready for the job, and offering step-by-step advice regarding the best order of events for each project so that it runs smoothly for Wimberg and for our clients.

You play a significant role in our work, from design interpretation for installation to final sign-off on a project. What aspects of you work mosts intrigues you?
I love seeing the finished product, a job well done, started off by an idea or discussion with one of our designers, to a final product that can be enjoyed for years to come.

What differentiates Wimberg Landscaping from our competition?
We do everything at Wimberg. I love the versatility of every project, no two jobs are the same. We install small gardens, to decks, patios, and walls, and everything in between. The variety of jobs I get to oversee keeps things interesting on a regular basis. But most importantly we do all this work with the utmost attention to detail and consideration of the client’s expectations.

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