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Periodic Bed Maintenance, For the Longevity of the Landscape

One way in which Wimberg Landscaping is unique in the industry is that we offer periodic garden maintenance. In addition to complete lawn care, irrigation services, design and installation services, we also offer maintenance of our new installations as well as existing landscapes. 

“Offering maintenance services was not only a smart business move, but it makes it easier for our clients to enjoy a beautiful, long-lived landscape,” share Peter Wimberg. “It’s simply easier, more efficient and cost effective for a homeowner to have one team addressing everything in the landscape. We know the property inside and out, we have a clear understanding of what should be happening year-to-year as our designs evolve. We can also head-off potential problems such as irrigation leaks or plant health issues.”

As to how much maintenance we provide a client, it runs the entire spectrum from our teams handling every detail to stopping in once a month to handle some of the bigger tasks. Our spring and fall clean up packages are one of our most popular services. We handle leaf clean up, bed edging, new mulch and cutting back spent perennials and grasses allowing the homeowner to focus on more of what she enjoys, such as planting. 

“Maintenance really is a partnership with our clients.” Peter says. “We’re there to help them where they need us most while offering sound, professional advice.”

If you could use a hand in the garden, call us. It’s never too early to schedule a spring clean up or arrange for regular garden maintenance. 

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