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Public Spaces, Giving Back and Being Safe

As a gardener for work and play, I tend to have a positive outlook. How can I not when I see nature rebuilding and repairing itself each season? No matter how brutal winter is, spring always arrives. Even with the virus that has changed our day-to-day lives in ways we could not have imagined a month ago, I can see the positive. 

Public Spaces: The parks are being thoroughly enjoyed. I have a garden in a smaller, little known park and I have seen a pleasant up-tick in visitors. My informal poll reveals many are first-time visitors looking for a new place in which to enjoy the outdoors.

Giving Back: Wimberg Landscaping is fortunate in that we have the ability to enhance some public spaces and those public spaces are a treasure, especially now. We all have a gift or resource we can share to make this time a bit easier for others. 

Being Safe: Whether I am working in the Wimberg Focal Garden, one of my adopted park spaces or it’s my co-workers enhancing a public space like Mount Lookout Square, we enjoying visiting with you and answering your garden related questions. But please, let’s remember to keep a safe distance. We have implemented extensive safeguards to keep ourselves and you safe. But we all need to respect each other’s space.

We can get through this beautifully if we all work together!

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