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The Winter To Do List

There are three big tasks I like to tackle in the winter. With the foliage down, it’s easier to see what I’m doing. I’m less likely to damage perennials now that they are dormant, and it’s a good time to make a mess in the woodline.

Remove the excess English Ivy. As a ground cover in confined beds it has value. But once it interferes with my plants, trees and shrubs, it has to go.

Honeysuckle removal. Not an easy task, especially when the shrub is mature. There’s nothing better than having this horrid plant out of the landscape and knowing I can plant something with true beauty and value, now, if the grounds not frozen or at the first hint of spring.

New garden planning and prep. This task is a bit trickier. If the ground is frozen, the project comes to a halt.  If it’s too wet, I’m not keen on turning the soil. Being Cincinnati, if I wait a week or two, chances are the weather will turn in my favor. I like to mark out my new garden space and then make my bed lines. Then it’s as easy as removing the sod, breaking up the clay (if it’s not too wet) and working in my pinefines. 

If all this sounds great to you, except for the part of having to go out in the cold, you can call on us! We can handle your winter garden chores and the summer tasks, too.

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