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Three Plants We Are Looking Forward to this Spring

There are three plants in particular that I can’t wait to see in the very early spring. In some respects, it‘s still winter when they bloom and it’s just what I need to keep me going until I can get back in the gardens and really dig in. 

Hamamelis virginiana: Witch hazel is one of my favorite smaller trees. I love its great architectural shape (when properly pruned) and it’s crinkly leaves. But, in the very spring, when nothing else is in bloom, this beauty is blooming. It’s an underutilized plant, one that catches everyone’s attention with its unexpected blooms.

Hellebores:  Virtually indestructible, this  evergreen perennial has a most interesting leaf shape, and early blooms. You may need to get down to see the blooms well, but it’s worth it. It pairs well with so many shade plants that it’s a dream to work into a new garden plan. I’m never disappointed when I see it partnered with hakonechloa and hostas with paler green leaves. Simple and classic elegance. 

Winter Aconite: If you’re keen on pollinator gardening this is a must have plant. When so little is in bloom, this ever so cheery yellow flower is out, basking in the sun and drawing in the honeybees.

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