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Two Unsung Heroes of Landscape Design

You may not invite the neighbors to see your new irrigation system, but come that first hot day in summer, you will be admiring your sprinklers at work from the comfort of your air conditioned home. Hauling hoses and setting up sprinklers is not a fun garden task. New gardens, ever water-wise gardens, need special watering the first year and may need a drink from time-to-time during our hot, dry summers. Remember, gardens can survive on low water, but not no water! Established landscapes benefit from watering too. Your plants will receive the water they need, providing you with a landscape that can withstand even our harshest summer.

Let There Be Light!  In the garden that is.  With custom designed landscape lighting you can highlight unique features in your yard like specimen trees, new hardscape features, paths, your house address, as well as brighten those dark corners.  A softly illuminated landscape allows you to enjoy the view of the garden at night from inside your home. 

Let one of our landscape design experts show you how irrigation and lighting can have postive impact on your landscape.

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