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What to Know Before You Meet Your Designer

You’ve come to the conclusion that your landscape needs the attention of a professional designer. Before you meet with your designer there are a few things you should know or have at least given careful consideration. Doing so will make the design and installation process more efficient and enjoyable. 

How do you intend to use the space? Do you wish to entertain outdoors and if so, for how many guests? Do you have meals catered in or prefer to cook for your guests? If you prefer to cook, having an outdoor kitchen may be important to you so you’re not sequestered indoors while your guests are outside.  Do you play sports, have kids that need room to roam or dogs that have free rein of the yard? If so, a lawn may be invaluable to you. Maybe the yard is something you look at from inside. You are not one to sit in the garden but enjoy looking at it from within the home.

Is there a need for privacy? Are people able to look in from the side of the yard, the back, or even from above? 

Do you prefer gardens or landscapes? It’s not a trick question. Some homeowners prefer a lush landscape of trees, shrubs, and ground covers. A lot of verdant with little fuss. Others prefer a riot of color and textures and want to see the garden change season-to-season and week-to-week. 

And finally, what is your budget? It’s impossible to begin a design without a budget. There are simply too many variables in plant, hardscape, and lighting options not to know the budget and how funds should be allocated.  With a budget we can design a project that evolves in stages. A landscape plan may not be financially practical to execute in one year, but easily achieved when addressed over three years. 

We look forward to hearing from you and making your landscape dreams a reality. 

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