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What’s the Delay?

Confession, we are checking the progress of our pollinator plants each day. While some are lush and starting to bloom, others have barely broken the surface of the soil. Worry not, your plants are not dead, just waiting for warmer days and nights to heat the soil before they start to grow.  The slowest to show their presence in the gardens are the asclepias with only the upper most tip of the plants breaking the surface. While on the other hand, our Nepeta is starting to bloom, the Rudbeckias are as lush as can be and the Baptisia is growing at such a rate it can almost be measured daily.

(Above: Agastache Blue Fortune is looking lush already) 

Also, the microclimates in your landscape have an impact on when and how quickly plants will emerge. The soil in raised beds next to the home is more likely to dry out and warm up more quickly than soil in a bed further from the home.  Therefore, it is not uncommon to find plants in one part of your landscape further along than the same plants in other areas.  

(Below: The Asclepias are still rather tiny. As the soils warms, their growth will accelerate.

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