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“When we look at a landscape, we see how it could be this year as well as what it will become three, five even 10 years out,” shares Peter Wimberg. “We have to because the landscape is ever changing. What we put on paper as a design is simply day one: it’s our starting point. The real magic happens over the years.”

When you meet with garden designer to discuss your new landscape, a plan is presented showing what we will do now in your landscape. A design will often include new trees and shrubs and possibly hardscapes, such as a patio or fireplace. We then talk about what will happen in three years. Three is a magic number with landscape designers. Consider a garden dedicated solely to sun perennials, not a tree or shrub in the mix. Even this garden will evolve greatly over three years. Year one it sits, year two it creeps and year three it bolts. At the end of year three we see the design come to fruition. By year four, depending on the plants selected, spaces in the garden have filled in nicely and it may be time to divide the perennials, otherwise the garden will appear overgrown and unkempt the next season. A designer sees this in their plans. They can see day one and day 900 in the garden.

The longer view of the garden comes into play when we add trees and shrubs. With many shrubs we can simply leave space in the landscape to accommodate its growth. A homeowner will see the garden fill in with the perennials and annuals gradually meeting with the maturing shrubs. Trees are a different though. With trees we see how its growth will transform a sunny spot into a shady one. We also plan for how the expanding root system will dictate understory planting. In some cases we see that a small understory tree will have a subtle impact on the existing landscape and we will design accordingly. Other times, such as when a client wants to plant oaks and maples in an open space, we see how over the years, a once full sun landscape may mature into a woodland garden.

“In a way, designers see the future,” Peter explains. If you are having a difficult time seeing how your landscape can look now, not to mention five years from now, worry not. Our professional designers will develop a plan for year one and help you see and understand how your landscape will evolve over time. Call us. 513.271.2332.

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