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Wimberg Landscaping has four maintenance teams, each led by a seasoned professional whose years of experience makes them ideally suited to care for a landscape from maintaining its design integrity to identifying and treating potential hazards such as pests and diseases.

“Maintenance is more than weeding, even though that can be quite a chore, it’s understanding how a garden evolves and knowing how to care for it accordingly,” shares Jennifer Smith, Horticulturist and Client Services Representative. “Our maintenance teams look at the aesthetics of a garden as well as plant health, identifying when perennials need to be divided and when and how to trim trees and shrubs.” -Steve and Dan

“An often overlooked but just as important responsibility of the maintenance teams is looking at the big picture of a landscape,” Jennifer shares. And by that she means knowing how the garden will evolve such as when a tree matures and the somewhat sunny garden is now a shade garden, our how a yard once meant for kids is now ready to be transformed into a garden for adults. “Our maintenance teams become very familiar with the landscapes they maintain and build good relationships with our clients. That enables us to see what new projects need to be taken under advisement such as a new patio area, extending garden beds or overhauling a design that has served its purpose. We understand what the landscape needs and know the homeowners’ expectations for that landscape.” -B.J

Handing Off
“What makes our landscapes successful is our teams working together. A maintenance team will identify new projects in the garden and loop in a designer who works with the clients to set the new project in motion.
Our mowing teams alert us to beds that need hard edging, lawns that need weed and pest control and even trees that need limbing up or removed.”-Rob

Where to Begin
If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by your yard and don’t know what should be tackled first- new gardens, tree maintenance or the addition of a new hardscape for a patio, grille or walkways, schedule a garden walkabout. “During the walkabout I learn what a homeowner would like their landscape to be in relationship to what is already there. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a good cleaning and tightening up of garden beds and other existing design elements. Other times, what a homeowner wants requires the expertise of one of our designers,” Jennifer shares. “In short, I help to find the solution in the chaos and organize the members of our teams that will create the landscape our clients desire.”-Nick

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