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Winter Watering

We may have cleared your irrigation lines, but that doesn’t mean our watering is on hold until spring. While many perennials and grasses have gone dormant for the season, or are swiftly on their way, evergreens continue to lose water through transpiration. Evergreens need to remain watered until the ground is frozen. 

Newly planted trees and shrubs that retain their needles need to have access to water. The last thing we want is for evergreens, especially those that have been recently planted, to go into winter stressed and dehydrated. 

And, as with just about everything in landscaping, if a little is good, more isn’t necessarily better. While we want our evergreens watered, we don’t want to swamp them. Wet feet, AKA roots, anytime of the season is never a good thing. Ensure the soil, the top foot or so is moist, not soggy.

Take special care of container plants, especially those close to the home that may receive more heat than the general landscape. Until the soil is frozen, keep your pots watered. If your containers are not frost proof, now is a good time to clean them out, if planted with annuals. Or, bring them indoors or insulate them for winter protection. It’s never fun to start your spring gardening only to find frost damaged pots.

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