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A Back Landscape With A Purpose

The project started with good bones, actually great bones, and a couple that was excited to create the outdoor space they truly needed and deserved. Situated in a long, slightly narrow spot, the space sits between a lovely home and a mature stand of evergreen trees. 

“It was like walking onto a park setting that was missing a place to pull up a chair and enjoy the peace and quiet,” Kevin McQuade, Landscape Designer with Wimberg Landscaping reflected. 

The space had an older deck and stonework, a bit of a grading issue and more than anything a lack of purpose. “The clients had this great backyard in a mature, natural setting with pollinator plants and quiet, yet no place to sit and be comfortable. The landscape was in dire need of a makeover,” shared Kevin.

In keeping with the natural surrounding, the old flagstones were repurposed in the new design and existing plants were shuffled about and new ones introduced to create a garden that is attractive to pollinators and not overwhelming to maintain.

It is not uncommon for us to discover a landscape with moderate to severe water drainage issues. We know the importance of correcting water issues and correcting them in a way to add beauty to the landscape, or at times, make it all disappear, as with a French drain. With this backyard, there is a bit of a slope that can cause some water to drain improperly, but it wasn’t a daunting obstacle. To ensure the new landscape would sufficiently direct water away from the home, new steps and the patio, Kevin designed a dramatic dry creek bed.

“It’s larger than the client will ever need to redirect water,” Kevin explains, “but in keeping with the setting and their desire to accentuate the natural beauty surrounding their home, a slightly exaggerated dry creek bed with accent stones was in order.”

The end result is a patio that accommodates the clients and a few guests, natural stones as their steps and a rock feature, AKA dry creek bed, in scale with and adding a dramatic impact to the overall landscape design.

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