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Tranquility in the Landscape

When you think of a driveway you may not think of a tranquil setting, but that is exactly what this client received after working with Landscape Designer, Kevin McQuade. The circular drive was punctuated by an old, marginally operational pond with overgrown gardens that were anything but tranquil.

“We had two options under consideration: repair the leaking pond and give the garden a fresh look or start over and design a new garden around a new water featured,” McQuade shares.

The clients were looking for a way to dress up the drive with a focal point that was interesting and relaxing. They were keen on the new design benefiting from the sound of water, but not a water featured that could develop into a long-term maintenance concern.  The result was a new bubbling boulder and a far more refined garden planting.

“There are some gardens, that even if you don’t spend time in them, they have an immediate impact on how we feel: this is such a garden,” Kevin explains. “When you pull up the drive there is this small garden oasis and, in the center, a relaxing water featured that offers up tranquility and beauty. It’s not a bad way to end a day coming home to a garden like this.”

Kevin points out that it’s often difficult for clients to see the potential of a site when the existing garden is suffering from neglect or is outdated. “As a designer, I help clients see beyond what is in front of them. Sometimes I can walk them through a new idea in a conversation, other times, we marry that narrative with a professional drawing. Helping a client see the potential of an area is always exciting because that opens the door to new design ideas. What results is a landscape they love and one that adds value to their home.”  

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