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A Patio Gets an Update

Clients reach out to us for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s to update the yard, add a new patio, create a pollinator garden, and to help them see their landscape’s potential. Such was the case with John McGuire’s client who needed a new way to see his back yard: how to get better use of the existing patio, as well as the space surrounding it.

“This client had a special issue to contend with when pricing the design: accessibility,” reflects John. “Most of the time we can easily pull up to the site or in the least, access the work area with ease with wheelbarrows in tow. Not this time.”

Taking into consideration the logistics of the project, John was able to see the potential of the space surrounding the patio, which sat close to a steep hillside and adjacent to an upper deck. “My goal was to make the space more open and inviting, and usable. I suggested a hardscape material to surround the patio and together we came up with the idea to use the irregularly shaped flagging stone,” says John.  “The use of the irregular shapes gives the space a modern look by adding more visual interest with the stones’ unique textures and shapes.”

To keep the area low maintenance and control erosion along the steps and below the raised deck, John selected vinca minor. “It’s a very effective plant; very low maintenance, tough, quick growing, offers spring blooms, and helps to avoid mulching in the future due to the plant’s ability to become a living rug or living mulch.” The planting is completed with Oakleaf hydrangea which are also low maintenance, pest free, and shade loving. The goal for all the plant material is to fill in the landscape beds so they can better suppress weeds and help avoid future mulching, affording the client more time to enjoy the new space with friends.

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