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Ault in Bloom

Wimberg Landscaping is pleased to announce that we will be at the Ault in Bloom event Sunday, September 22, at the Ault Park Pavilion. We have an impressive collection of pollinator plants provided by Greenfield Plant Farm that will be on display. These gorgeous container gardens illustrate just how easy, and beautiful it is, to add plants to your landscape that benefit pollinators.

After visiting the displays by the Greater Cincinnati Rose Association and our pollinator booth, be sure to explore the park for more ideas on ways to incorporate pollinators into your garden. Bring your camera! The Adopt-a-Plot portion of the park is a collection of individually designed and maintained gardens, many with valuable pollinator plants. The gardens are sure to inspire new plant and plant combinations for your own landscape. 

Earlier this season Wimberg Landscaping partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo’s Plant for Pollinators Challenge. The program has been so successful that the Zoo’s program has far surpassed the original goal of 500 new pollinator gardens and are closing in on 1,000 new pollinator gardens.

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