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Be The First On Your Street

We’re looking to partner with one lucky homeowner who’s ready to make a big change for the better. Are you ready to turn your lawn and traditional front landscape into a prairie-pollinator garden? Are you ready to do away with the entire front lawn and embrace planting with nature?

“People plant what they know, what they see on a daily basis,” shares Peter Wimberg. “One way that we can introduce more homeowners to planting with nature is to create more pollinator and prairie inspired front yard gardens. Instead of seeing expected landscape norms when you’re out for a walk or running errands, you’ll have the opportunity to see what a front landscape can look like, when you plant with nature.”

A front yard pollinator garden is not only an attractive way to address the landscape, but it also serves as a learning environment, a display if you will, for neighbors who pass by the garden. The more often a homeowner sees native and pollinator plants in action and experiences what a garden planted for nature looks like year-round, the more apt they will be to take such a transformative step in their own front yard.

“Clients that tour our office pollinator gardens are more likely to incorporate plants that support nature in their own gardens. They may even forgo their traditional landscape and lawn completely and create a pollinator inspired landscape,” explains pollinator garden designer Jennifer Smith. “Seeing the plants, new plant combinations, and a new way to garden in person is so effective in inspiring homeowners to plant with nature. Visitors to our gardens see these plants and how we can use them and have an aha moment. They want to create a bit of what we have here, in their own landscape. Imagine the change we could inspire if such gardens existed on every block?”

We know that a change such as this is not an easy undertaking for many homeowners. The design, plant selection, installation, and maintenance may feel overwhelming if you are new to planting with nature. Therefore, we are looking to form a special partnership with one homeowner.  With this special partnership, the homeowner will allow us to completely transform the front yard into a prairie-pollinator garden. We will establish a close, three-year relationship with you and the garden, provide ongoing care of the new garden, document and share the progress of the new garden with our audience, and offer a substantially discounted price for the design, installation, and care of the new garden. We will be conducting a vetting process to ensure the suitability of the yard for this transformative initiative. If you believe your property would be a good fit and you’re enthusiastic about this endeavor, please contact us at 513-271-2332 and ask for Jennifer.

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