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Being Smart About Water-Wise Plants

I love it when I hear gardeners say they are introducing new plants in their gardens. There are simply too many fantastic plants not to try new additions each year. However, as with any new addition to the garden, we have to be smart about what we add and especially where we add it in the landscape.

Squeezing In
Tucking drought tolerant plants in with an established bed of thirsty plants is a big chore waiting to happen. The thirsty plants will need their watering levels maintained, but care will have to be taken not to over-water the new plants. Watering the entire bed at once, as with a sprinkler, will no longer be an option.

Many drought tolerant plants I use prefer less than ideal soils that are well draining. If the soil is too organically rich they may become leggy and flop.

Make A New Bed
If your garden bed is small and you don’t mind spot watering your thirsty plants, adding water-wise plants with the same sun requirements may be an option. But, speaking from experience, hand-watering is fun: up to a point. I prefer to err on the side of caution and create a new bed for my drought tolerant plant collection. Now I can crank up the sprinklers in the existing beds and not worry about over watering my new plants.

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