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Designing for Phases

Many of the designs we propose for small and large spaces alike, can be implemented in stages. It’s not uncommon for a client to desire a complete overhaul of their landscape, but also have a need to tackle the project in stages. This is when working with a landscape designer is so important.

“When I know a design needs to be installed in stages, I can design a plan that moves seamlessly from one phase of the installation to the next,” shares Wimberg Landscape Designer, Natalie Selker. “Calling in a designer, or worse yet, a different designer for each stage of the landscape redesign, often leads to replication of work and needless extra expenses.”

This is one reason why knowing a client’s budget is so important. When we have a clear understanding of the client’s vision for the final project and their budget, we can create a plan that addresses both. When needed, we can break the project into stages while ensuring each phase of the design is visually appealing, lends itself well to the next phase and adheres to the budget.

“When I am given the opportunity to plan for a phased landscape installation, the entire process is enjoyable and rewarding,” explains Natalie. “A design installed over time doesn’t have to look unfinished or mismatched until the final design is in place. It can, at each phase, look like a well executed landscape that’s visually appealing and within the client’s financial comfort level.”

If you have a landscape project that you believe will need to be tackled in stages, call us. We can create a master plan for your dream design and then organize the installation to be completed in stages.

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