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Fall is Design Time

“Many of our clients have a solid understanding of garden design, but where they often need our help is in the fall and winter when their landscapes fall short of their expectations,” explains Wimberg designer, Kevin McQuade. “A truly successful garden incorporates hardscape materials, when relevant, and plant material that is at its best in the winter. We also see the tremendous benefit of landscaping lighting as we enter these darker months. Meeting with a client now, as their landscape seems to languish, gives us invaluable insights as to what we can offer to bring their landscapes up to the next level.”

Many times, a dramatic change is not needed to add late season interest to a landscape. Take into account bed lines. Curved bed lines are always more interesting than straight lines, but what if we also incorporated stone? The stone is a visual break between the lawn and garden. Selecting natural stone instead of manufactured stone accentuates a nature inspired landscape. Add accent boulders in key points along the bedline and now the stone wall is as interesting as the garden. 

Highlighting winter focal points is also an easy way to extend the seasonal interest of a landscape. When we are spending more time enjoying the garden from inside the home, what areas of the garden do we see the most? Is there something there to hold our interest? By creating or simply enhancing vignettes for winter viewing, we extend the landscape’s appeal. 

If your landscape is starting to lack interest, call us and one of our designers can help you see what the fall and winter landscape has to offer.

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