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Five Reasons to Call a Hardscape Professional

So you are ready to add a hardscape element or two to your landscape. Great! The question is, can you do it yourself or should you call in the experts? Here are five things to consider before tackling this project on your own.

Size and Site: Hardscape projects border on do-it-yourself and professional work. The size and area in which you are building your hardscape plays a big part in determining if you should tackle such a project or let the experts help. If you need a plan, a scaled drawing as well as some grading to make the site ready for a new patio, hiring a professional is a smart move.

Multiple Hardscape Elements: Whenever we are working on a patio, dining, fireplace and cooking area, a designer is your best tool for the project. She can ensure everything you are looking for is manageable, to scale within the space and executed in a way to ensure quality of work.

Conflict in Design: You and your spouse are a bit divided on the features and design elements. This is when years of hands-on design and installation experience helps. A design professional can find the common thread between partners and then look for key compromise points to create a design that is appealing to both parties. 

The Choices are Endless: Are you a bit overwhelmed with the stone options? The selection can be daunting, but an experienced designer will direct you towards materials best suited for your area, your landscape and how you want to use the new hardscape. They’re pretty good at picking out colors, too.

Time is a Factor: If you want to have drinks and steaks in the backyard now, call us. Tackling a project with multiple hardscape elements is no small undertaking, especially if this is not your line of work. Let us handle the details so you can look forward to the enjoyment.

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