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Flawed Opportunity

It’s often difficult to see beyond our landscape’s flaws and obstacles. And, if you are not a seasoned gardener or landscape designer, those flaws can feel insurmountable.

“We seldom come across an issue with a homeowner’s landscape that cannot be addressed with good design,” Peter Wimberg shares. “We recently worked in a backyard with drainage issues. It wasn’t draining causing stands of water. To rectify the situation we installed a drain and created a very attractive dry creek bed. When it’s dry, the stones are a great visual interest in the yard and when the rains come, the stones direct water to the newly installed drain.”

A common issue with yards in this area is a steep hillside. They’re often difficult to plant, dangerous to mow and look rather harsh and unattractive. A stone wall is often the remedy. Walls can be straightforward and practical, or they can be thoughtfully designed with large boulders or stone slabs set to maintain the integrity of the hillside while offering unique planting areas within the structure itself.

“What we don’t want is for homeowners to give up on their landscape and accept that it will never be what they want it to become,” Peter stresses. “Our designers see beyond the flaws to create the landscapes of our clients’ dreams.”

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