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Improving the View

The garden can be a beautiful sight at night. Some flowers bloom in the evening. Walks within formal knot or English boxwood gardens are highlighted with deep evening shadows and magically all the flaws and weeds disappear into the dark. But to enjoy the garden at night you have to be able to see it! 

“The idea is to create a glow in the evening garden. We’re not lighting it up like a Friday night football game,” jokes Peter Wimberg. “We want to add some magic, if you will, to the evening garden. We want to draw out the garden’s best features and temp you to come outside for a bit to enjoy the night air.”

Most homes have two distinct landscapes. The front is more formal. It may have a generous planting of annuals and perennials, but in general it’s a bit more restrained. The backyard is another story. The back garden is a private, intimate space where the owner’s full garden personality can come to fruition. The lighting in the back should reflect this. If the backyard includes an outdoor dining and cooking space the lighting is chosen to highlight those tasks. In the area dedicated to gardens, the lighting can be softer, just enough to draw you in.

“In a way, the back of the home often requires more attention when designing a lighting package,” Wimberg explains. “Many backyards have dual functions- cooking, entertaining, dining and then garden spaces. One lighting plan will not do well for the entire backyard. The lighting must be designed for each specific space to be truly successful. This is when a design professional can be an invaluable resource.”

If you are missing out on enjoying your landscape at night, call us. We will design a lighting package that suits your backyard beautifully.

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