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On the Move: Prepping Your Landscape for Curb Appeal

When clients call us saying they are putting their home on the market, we switch gears a bit and look at the landscape from the perspective of the potential buyers.  
“There is no way to know if the prospective buyer is a gardener or not. Adding a unique variety of a plant may not be the best investment in the landscape at this point,” shares Peter Wimberg. “We need to look at the landscape as a gardener, non-gardener, seasoned home buyer and a first-time home buyer would look at the landscape.” Does this sound overwhelming? Really, it’s not Peter reassures.

Clean and Tight  A landscape with clean lines, fresh mulch and hardscapes free of encroaching groundcover and lawn looks tidy and well maintained. It shows buyers the landscape has been cared for.

Ditch the Old and Worn  An old, declining, overgrown taxus blocking a window is less than inviting. It blocks the view of the home and the view from within the home. When buyers see diseased, damaged or failing plant material, they see work they have to take on, added expenses and they most certainly worry that other aspects of the house are in decline as well.

Keep It Simple  Now is not the time to expand and add new garden beds. Instead, ensure existing beds are clean, void of weeds and weak plants and that the area is well planted. It doesn’t have to be a compact Piet Ouldolf style garden, but it should be attractive and full of color and texture.

Safe and Sound Loose, wobbly, cracked and missing pavers are not only a tripping hazard, they conjure thoughts of repair work for the new homeowner.

Eliminate the Unknown  “Most buyers don’t know the cost of removing a dying tree, repairing a caving wall or replacing a dilapidated fence,” Peter shares. “They may assume such projects are beyond their budget or not want to deal with the problem and simply look past your house and onto the next available home. Don’t give potential buyers an excuse to drive by your home.”

Pops of Color In the listing photos, and in person, we want to draw the eye to the home’s front door. Freshen up container gardens and annuals in the front yard. Splashes of color are inviting, draw us in and create a welcoming environment.

Mow the Lawn So simple, so important. “Nothing says, ‘I gave up’ or ‘vacant home’ like a weedy, overgrown lawn,” Peter insists.

You have a lot on your plate while you’re prepping your home for sale. Let us handle the landscape so you can focus on the home’s interior.

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