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One-on-One with Josh Clock

Josh Clock: Sales Representative – Turf and Landscape Maintenance

Mr. Clock joins Wimberg Landscaping after a long and successful career in turfgrass management with the Camargo Country Club. He studied Turfgrass Management at Rutgers University where he also secured a degree in Applied Business.

One-on-One with Josh Clock

Q. Most of us were drawn to some aspect of landscaping early in life: it’s why we are in the industry today. What was it that drew you to this field and what was your first job in landscaping?

A. The idea of being outside and being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors really led me to pursue a career in the landscape/turf industry. I enjoy working with my hands and it’s very nice not being behind a desk all day. Also, caring for and maintaining plants and turf is very rewarding. They are living things, just as we are, and it’s gratifying to see everything thriving. Upon graduation, I started my career in the landscaping industry with Camargo Country Club.

Q. You studied lawn care at Rutgers University. What was the biggest takeaway from that academic experience?

A. The science, the chemistry, behind healthy lawns and plants was more extensive and interesting than I had imagined when I entered the program. Having this knowledge allows me to understand and identify potential problems facing a lawn, and how to go about correcting these issues.

Q. I can imagine caring for the turf at a golf course is exciting and incredibly challenging. What turfgrass practices can you take from your time at the country club and apply to our residential lawns?

A. Many of the cultural practices utilized at a golf course can be adapted, if not completely implemented, when caring for our clients’ lawns. There is a wider variety of grasses at the golf course, but the care required to keep them healthy and attractive is the same for residential lawns. Aeration, proper fertilization and watering techniques, preventative and post-emergent weed and pest control, and entire renovations of problematic areas (to name a few) are important factors in maintaining a lush, healthy lawn.

Q. What are you looking forward to most with your new career at Wimberg?

A. I’m looking forward to providing clients with visually appealing and exceptional lawns and landscapes that will stand out from the rest and seeing the satisfaction on our clients’ faces.

Q. Today, landscape management practices are more dedicated to creating natural environments than ever before: this includes the development of pollinator gardens, which Wimberg is a strong proponent. At the same time, lawn care is an important part of our complete landscape care offering. How do you balance a lush, healthy lawn with a shift to more natural landscapes?

A. It’s unfortunate that so many homeowners believe that one can only exist with the exclusion of the other. As with anything in life, it’s a matter of balance. In many neighborhoods, completely forgoing a lawn is not an option, nor would a homeowner want a weed infested lawn to distract from the appeal of and diminish the value of their home. With that said, there’s often the opportunity to create extensive gardens, even pollinator gardens, within a landscape while maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. We can achieve a great lawn with traditional methods as well as organic options.

As a former golf course employee I know the value of a good lawn when it comes to outdoor activities and health and wellbeing. A lawn invites kids to play outside and families to step away from the television and spend time outdoors, hopefully enjoying some sports. I also see a great lawn as a critical design element in a truly successful landscape. A lawn does a spectacular job of highlighting a garden.

The lawn and garden aren’t at odds, as many would want us to think. They work together to create the best possible environment for our families and neighborhood.

If you have questions or concerns about the health and visual appeal of your lawn, give us a call. Josh will meet with you and develop a plan that’s custom tailored to your lawn.

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