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Five Reasons to Add a Pollinator Garden This Year

Pollinator gardens are making their way into more landscapes each year and for good reason. Here are five reasons why you should add a pollinator garden to your landscape.

1) Help protect the Monarch butterfly population. Here is something we can all help make right: the decline in habitat for Monarch butterflies. By adding nectar plants for the butterflies, and milkweed plants for the monarch caterpillars, we create areas in which this beautiful creature can thrive so to continue its journey from Mexico, to Canada and back to Mexico.

2) Great design options. Your new pollinator garden can be intermingled and very natural looking, or we can use tidier plants arranged in a more traditional manner. Either way you are supporting native bees, insects, and the Monarch butterfly.

3) Forgiving Gardens. The most effective and attractive pollinator gardens are planted in a very lush manner. Here we don’t leave unnecessary spaces between plants. A lush planting means fewer weeds and should a plant die or be eaten by monarch caterpillars, you’ll hardly notice.

4) Year-round interest.  Pollinator gardens are left standing thought winter. Many of the plants have interesting seed heads and the grasses have great form and texture. The birds benefit from access to seeds in the winter, hibernating native moths take shelter in the grasses, and you are provided with a garden of interest, even in the dead of winter.

5) Easy to care for. Tight planting reduces the need to weed. Water-wise plants require far less watering. Letting plants transition from flowers to seeds mean no tedious deadheading and the use of pinestraw means easier mulching with less waste.

Your new pollinator garden starts with a call to Wimberg Landscaping!

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