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Shrubs for the Wildlife

When you need a new shrub or short tree and you want to attract birds and pollinators, there are some great options to consider. 

Serviceberry: A nice little shrub/tree to tuck into the garden. Attracts birds and butterflies and has great fall color. 

Flowering Dogwood (above): A classic spring flowering tree. Its red berries are irresistible to robins and other birds. 

Spice Bush (Lindera benzion) We love this because it attracts the swallowtail butterfly. 

American Elder (Sambucus canadensis), is a great native deciduous shrub for a more natural garden. It brings in the birds and butterflies, too.

Viburnum plicatum f. Tomentosum ‘Shasta’ (above): This shrub is great to prune and shape, can rejuvenate, has an elegant form, gorgeous white flowers and fine berries. The birds and bees enjoy it, too. 

Special care to site selection is still key when adding one of these, or other shrubs to attract wildlife. We can evaluate your landscape and find the best shrub for you. Call us today. 

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