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Six Tips for Caring for a Pollinator Garden

Now that your pollinator garden is growing strong the next step is caring for it and its residents. 

In the grand gardening scheme, a well-designed pollinator garden does not require too much care. 

  1. We’ll say it again, it’s that important: strive to have more plants than mulch. When your plants are lush they do a great job blocking out the weeds, which means less work for you! 
  2. When your plants are lush, you need less mulch! Mulch can get tight and inhibit air and water circulation. We like to mulch with pine straw. It’s natural, never gets too tight and makes for nice nooks and crannies for insects and ground bees.

3. Hand weed or go organic. The fewer chemicals the better.

4. Speaking of chemicals: hold off on the insecticides, they can kill the good and the bad bugs. A healthy garden will have insects that prey on the less desirable bugs. 

5. Hold off on the fall clean up! Leaf litter, hollow stems and garden debris is a wonderful pollinator habitat. Plus, a well planned garden left to stand past fall, provides lovely winter interest. 

Keep it clean! Clean bird feeders and baths regularly. 

We can design and maintain your new pollinator garden! Call us today for a free consultation.

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