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Spring Showers

Rain can have a positive or negative impact on our gardening plans. Most importantly, we need to ensure that our landscapes are able to accommodate and direct water away from the home.  Water is the enemy of a sound, safe house. If your yard is draining towards the home, please call us.

Standing Water: While it’s unattractive, it’s also a killer of the lawn and garden and is a waste of space that could be used for family fun, a new garden or simply a place to stroll after a long day. We have ways to correct standing water issues while improving the look and function of your landscape.

Mowing: If the lawn is wet, mow with caution. You may want to let things dry out before taking out the mower. 

Planting: If your soil is well amended, don’t plant when it’s wet. We want to preserve the healthy soil you have created. Simply wait for it to dry out a bit. Luckily, well amended soil has great air and water circulation and will be ready for planting in short order.

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