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The Colorful Autumn Garden

As I write this post the temperatures are in the 80s. While it may not feel like autumn in the gardens, it looks like autumn in the gardens.
If your idea of a fall garden is carved pumpkins and mulch, then you are missing out on one of the prettiest times in the garden. As the chores wind down: less watering and weeding, and we are leaving much of the cutting back until spring, we have more time to simply enjoy the landscape.

Many of the annuals we planted for the pollinators are still showing great color and are bedecked with bees of all sorts. Remember, unlike the monarch that is migratory and should be heading south to Mexico, we have about 90 native bees in Ohio that are searching for food and water. We don’t want to cut off their food source while they are still very active.

Many of our perennials have transitioned from flowers to seed heads which is attracting the songbirds in droves. Hold off on deadheading plants such as Echinacea and Rudbeckia until all the seeds have been eaten. Then, you can still leave the stems standing for winter interest. Many perennial pollinator plants are shelter for wintering insects. Insects will soon be hunkering down within the plants’ pithy stems to ride out the winter months. Leave your plants standing, when you can, to offer these beneficial insects a place to rest.

The beautyberry is living up to its name: bejeweled in an abundance of purple berries while the pink, feathery plumes of Pink Muhly grass is making a show. 
Mexican sage bush is finally earning its keep in the garden. Through summer this plant is not much to behold but come fall it’s covered in velvety purple flowers. They look lovely near our Little Bluestem which is showing its fall colors and interesting seeds, just in time as the Solidago fireworks is finishing its blooms for the season. 

Having a colorful autumn garden doesn’t mean a complete landscape make-over, unless that’s what you really want. A thoughtful review of your plant selection now, allows our designers to incorporate new plants to enhance your landscape’s fall appearance.  Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our designers. 

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