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When the Muhly grass was in full color earlier this summer, the gardens were glowing pink and I thought to myself, It won’t get much better than this. Then yesterday, as I walked about the gardens, I noticed that the pink had faded to a soft golden tan. I was smitten, again.

After a summer of riotous color followed by autumn with its brilliant color palette, the calm earth tones of the gardens were exactly what I needed. This is why, my friends, we add grasses, shrubs and trees to the gardens. As the seasons transition so do our thoughtfully selected plants. We plant trees with exfoliating bark to add incredible interest to the winter garden, shrubs that come into full glory in the fall with purple or bright orange berries and of course, shrubs that drop their summer foliage to reveal twigs blazing red and orange.

Carefully selected plants, just like this Muhly grass can carry us from season to season.
Call us, and we can help you add plants with four season interest.
P.S.- Now is the perfect time to plant trees. There is less stress on the plant and there is minimal maintenance/care involved with a fall planted tree. Call us, we’d love to hear from you! 271-2332


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